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Tips for a Top Travel Experience

Print these useful tips for a hassle free travel experience these holidays:

  • Vaccinations: ensure you have all the necessary vaccinations for your destination/s
  • Eating and Drinking:
    • “Cook it, boil it, peel it or leave it”
    • ensure all bottled drinks have a sealed lid
    • ensure all food bought from street markets is cooked in your sight and eaten while still hot
    • don’t use tap water, even when cleaning teeth/cooking
  • Personal Safety:
    • Travel insurance: ensure you have enough cover should you be injured and/or need repatriation
    • Keep copies of all travel documents separate from the originals (in the event of loss/theft copies may assist with replacement travel documents)
    • Avoid travelling alone on walks or sightseeing
    • Don’t leave valuable articles (cameras, phones, money bags/credit cards) in full view of anyone
    • Rabies: Don’t touch or pick up ‘stray’ animals (no matter how cute or needy they look)
    • Avoid unplanned sexual encounters, especially with unknown persons, and especially without a condom (or you may come home with more than just photos!)
  • Malaria areas:
    • take prophylactic medication as prescribed
    • Use repellent spray/cream on exposed skin, especially at night (cover exposed skin with sleeves/long pants if possible)
    • sleep under an intact, DEET-treated mosquito net
    • seek medical assistance if fever, headache, nausea, stomach cramps starts 7-10 days after travel.
  • Special Needs:
    • Chronic Medication: ensure you have enough for your entire trip
    • Baby needs: food/formula, nappies, medication
    • Carry extra batteries for hearing aids, glucometers, etc
    • Arrange for special dietary needs (eg. Halaal, kosher, vegan, etc) prior to travel (eg. in-flight, conference, etc)
  • Here are the new Child Travel Requirements:

Microsoft Word - Travel Info Graphic.doc

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