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Sappi Mankele MTB Challenge



Hi guys
Great to have some feedback on some past races.
This past weekend we tackled the tough 65km mtb race –the Sappi Mankele mtb
We had riders from all over,and such a blessed weekend with over 900 cyclists.
We all started with our xc climb up to Mikon farms,which were opening up the lungs quickly and ensuring you brought some strong legs!
Only 5 riders broke away from the field,the start was fast and furious like always to see whos who in the mix…
I just about hang on,a little bit on the back of the small group that broke away… but managed around 20km to find my legs eventually. We rode in the beautiful Sappi forest,with fast single track and the best bush tunnels one could ever imagine riding. Very Nicely prepped for our riders. The pace was high,but I know that the moves would be made soon after bush tunnels and the single track. Our group of 5 riders stayed together for a while…
But then Brand du Plessis and Jp Jung broke away from group and left us 3 riders chasing hard again.
I managed to hold on to 3rd overall and around 4min of pace of Brand and 2min behind JP. My time was 2h40 and avg speed of 23.5km/h.
All in all,a lovely race to do. My 1st Sappi Mankele mtb race,and surely one to stay on the calender and not to be missed!
See attached results,photos.
Huge thx to all of you making this possible!
Warmest Regards
Hennie Kriek
Mankele Mountainbike Team Driven by Volkswagen
Mopani pharmacy athlete fuelled by Powerbar
082 221 1467

10516805_945539775480281_765521790774260990_n Find the results of the day here: Sappi-Mankele 2015 Results 2

The Journey’s of some of our Previous Win a Car Winners

Mopani Pharmacy ran it’s first Win A Car Competition to coincide with it’s 25th Birthday celebration in 2007. The idea behind the competition was to thank our customers for their support over the years and to give one such lucky customer a life changing gift, a brand new car. This competition has now become an annual event for Mopani and it is truly an honour and a privilege to be travelling along with the journey of some of our loyal families, who in the past 8 years, have all deserved to be the recipients of a new car. Each with their own heart warming story that fuels Mopani’s commitment to this community in which it serves.


In 2007 we saw Peter & Myrtle Bristow drive away with a Peugeot 107, this first awards ceremony saw 25 finalists open gift boxes, each one contained a keyring but only one had a key attached to it, signifying the winner. We were down to the last 2 finalists before Peter opened his box to reveal that he had won the car. Peter and his wife, Myrtle were heading into retirement then and only had one car between them. This Peugeot made a massive difference to their lives, as they were able to park their older fuel-guzzling vehicle and drive around in the new fuel efficient Peugeot. They drove the car for 8 years before upgrading to a newer model. “We loved that little car, we were able to travel a lot more during our retirement, thank you Mopani Pharmacy”.


Barbara Mommen won the competition in 2012, which could not have come at a better time. Barabara gave the Chevy Aveo to her mother (then 82 years of age) who desperately needed to replace her current vehicle but could not afford it on her pension. Winning the car saved her mother from having to delve into her pension and to this day she has not had to spend money on maintaining a vehicle, giving her much needed freedom to get around town safely. “I’m still driving this little beauty around and feel very blessed to have received this gift. Thank you”.


“Winning was the most random and exciting thing to have happened to us” said the 2014 winner, Mandy de Villiers. She walked away with a Kia Picanto and had her 3 children with her at the awards ceremony. Mandy was sadly widowed the year before so winning this competition gave her hope that good things could still happen. It was a massive boost for her financially after the recent events her family endured. “Thank you to Mopani for this wonderful gift”

At Mopani we are passionate about taking care of you


Why bring your prescription to Mopani Pharmacy?

  • Every patient is important to us.
  • You will always have access to a pharmacist.
  • We evaluate your prescription against your medication history to ensure there are no dangerous drug interactions.
  • We claim directly from your medical aid.
  • We offer a Chronic Medicine Management Programme to help you manage your chronic condition.

–   We authorise your medication with your medical aid.

–   We contact your doctor for all necessary documents.

–   We contact you monthly (sms, email or phone-call as per your choice) to remind you about your repeat medication.

–   You can choose to have your script prepared and delivered on a monthly basis.

What to expect from our professional teams:

  • To receive personal & professional service.
  • To receive quality care.
  • Confidentiality & privacy.
  • Affordable, quality generic medication.

We DELIVER directly to you.

Our 3 stores are linked and you can get your prescription from the store of your choice, as your profile can be accessed from any of the stores.

Over the counter (OTC):

  • To help you look after your family’s daily health requirements.
  • To guide you through and advise you on self-medication, giving you the best medicine to treat your symptoms.
  • To check for drug interactions with your chronic condition & medication.
  • To make sure that your home & holiday first aid bags are correctly stocked.


  • Well Baby.
  • Wellness & Immunization.
  • Treatment of minor ailments.
  • Chronic Illness Monitoring.
  • Women’s Health.

Guard your family against flu with these immune boosters

Woman with tissue and hot drink

Do I need to protect myself agains flu?

Yes! Be proactive and prevent colds and flu where possible. Don’t underestimate the seriousness of flu, especially if you have asthma, heart disease, diabetes or a weakened immune system. Also, save yourself the inconvenience to yourself & your family of being sick for 7-10 days.

Build a strong immune system!

The magic words are often ones we do not want to heed… balanced diet, exercise, enough sleep and good hydration. Taking in an excessive amount of sugar will impair your immune system, as will getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night. A daily dose of Vitamin C will go a long way to building your immune system (Efferflu C, Vital Maxi C, Scorbex as well as Gummy Vites Vit C for kids). Taking one vial of Oscillococcinum per week during the flu season reduces the risk of you getting sick. These vials can also be used to relieve the severity and duration of the flu-like symptoms, but must be taken right at the onset of the flu symptoms.

The health and fitness transition from autumn to winter – Harshil Mitha

As we notice that the daybreak starts slightly later and the temperature has subsided slightly, we are well aware that winter is well on its way. All your hard work in summer requires discipline in succeeding the transition period from autumn into winter. The general individual struggles with the so-called winter blues, which distorts their entire training and nutrition plans. This cyclical behavior is common to the general population of the world, whereby come the next summer season, we try and shed the winter weight.

However this year could be one of new beginnings where the summer of 2015, would be much easier for you to reach your new personal best all because you maintained a good winter program. Even though we are aware of the risks that winter brings to our health, year in and year out many of us fall victim to weigh gain.

The keys are simple, prevention and perseverance. The equation of winter weight gain is fairly simple; we move less and consume heavier foods. In summer, our diets generally consist of lighter foods such as salads, fruit-based meals and lighter in carbs. Winter seems to bring out the pastas, breads and rusks.

It is important that you maintain your activity levels to ensure that your metabolism maintains its current fat burning levels. Persevere as nothing worth achieving in life comes easy, but only through pursuit and perseverance. If you truly struggle with the adjustment to a darker, colder morning, try shifting your training schedule to a different time slot.

Preventing Winter Weight Gain through knowledge:

  • Limit your carb intake as the day progresses.
  • Try to limit your intake of high carb and high fat desserts to once a week.
  • Bulk up your meals with vegetables and proteins.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Choose small, skim-milk hot drinks.
  • Increase your protein intake.

Supplement tips:

To assist increasing your protein intake, you could purchase a Pure Whey protein supplement from Mopani pharmacy. Evidence suggest that whey protein consist of higher levels of essential amino acids than other available proteins.

Benefits of taking protein include lean muscle growth, improved athletic performance, promote weight loss and can assist in improved immune system functioning. There is an old myth that taking a protein shake would give you the physique of a body builder, this is not the case as you would need sufficient carbs within your shake in order to gain weight. The difference between a mass builder and a pure whey protein shake is the carbs and calories available. A pure whey protein shake such as the Nutritech Pure Whey protein Cinnabomb flavor consists of 3g of carbs and 23g of protein per 30g serving.

If you would like to supplement your meal plans with something sweet, look for the SupaShape Nutritional products in our stores as the range extends from high protein pancakes, protein cookies and high protein chocolate pudding. Ensure that you are organized and planned to embrace this winter through sufficient food preparation.

Everyone loves a rusk with their morning coffee. Here Is a high protein rusk recipe which could be used to your benefit over the traditional high carb commercial rusk.


High Protein Rusks:

2 Scoops of Vanilla Pure Whey

Protein (Nutritech Pure Whey Vanilla)

4 Eggs

250ml fat free yoghurt

50ml natural sweetener

10ml baking powder

¾ cup of water

½ cup of oats

1-cup rye flour

5ml vanilla extract

50ml coconut oil

(You’re welcome to add sunflower seeds, cinnamon or peanut butter.)


  • Set and preheat the oven to 180 degrees
  • Lightly grease and line 2 x 20cm cake tins or a large oven dish
  • Mix all the dry ingredients into a bowl
  • Beat the rest of the ingredients and mix into the dry ingredients until well blended
  • Spoon into the baking tins
  • Bake for approx. 50-60 minutes
  • Remove it from the tins and leave to cool down
  • Slice into rusks and place on baking tray
  • Heat the oven to 100 degrees and dry rusks out for 6-8 hours.