At Mopani we are passionate about taking care of you


Why bring your prescription to Mopani Pharmacy?

  • Every patient is important to us.
  • You will always have access to a pharmacist.
  • We evaluate your prescription against your medication history to ensure there are no dangerous drug interactions.
  • We claim directly from your medical aid.
  • We offer a Chronic Medicine Management Programme to help you manage your chronic condition.

–   We authorise your medication with your medical aid.

–   We contact your doctor for all necessary documents.

–   We contact you monthly (sms, email or phone-call as per your choice) to remind you about your repeat medication.

–   You can choose to have your script prepared and delivered on a monthly basis.

What to expect from our professional teams:

  • To receive personal & professional service.
  • To receive quality care.
  • Confidentiality & privacy.
  • Affordable, quality generic medication.

We DELIVER directly to you.

Our 3 stores are linked and you can get your prescription from the store of your choice, as your profile can be accessed from any of the stores.

Over the counter (OTC):

  • To help you look after your family’s daily health requirements.
  • To guide you through and advise you on self-medication, giving you the best medicine to treat your symptoms.
  • To check for drug interactions with your chronic condition & medication.
  • To make sure that your home & holiday first aid bags are correctly stocked.


  • Well Baby.
  • Wellness & Immunization.
  • Treatment of minor ailments.
  • Chronic Illness Monitoring.
  • Women’s Health.

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