The Journey’s of some of our Previous Win a Car Winners

Mopani Pharmacy ran it’s first Win A Car Competition to coincide with it’s 25th Birthday celebration in 2007. The idea behind the competition was to thank our customers for their support over the years and to give one such lucky customer a life changing gift, a brand new car. This competition has now become an annual event for Mopani and it is truly an honour and a privilege to be travelling along with the journey of some of our loyal families, who in the past 8 years, have all deserved to be the recipients of a new car. Each with their own heart warming story that fuels Mopani’s commitment to this community in which it serves.


In 2007 we saw Peter & Myrtle Bristow drive away with a Peugeot 107, this first awards ceremony saw 25 finalists open gift boxes, each one contained a keyring but only one had a key attached to it, signifying the winner. We were down to the last 2 finalists before Peter opened his box to reveal that he had won the car. Peter and his wife, Myrtle were heading into retirement then and only had one car between them. This Peugeot made a massive difference to their lives, as they were able to park their older fuel-guzzling vehicle and drive around in the new fuel efficient Peugeot. They drove the car for 8 years before upgrading to a newer model. “We loved that little car, we were able to travel a lot more during our retirement, thank you Mopani Pharmacy”.


Barbara Mommen won the competition in 2012, which could not have come at a better time. Barabara gave the Chevy Aveo to her mother (then 82 years of age) who desperately needed to replace her current vehicle but could not afford it on her pension. Winning the car saved her mother from having to delve into her pension and to this day she has not had to spend money on maintaining a vehicle, giving her much needed freedom to get around town safely. “I’m still driving this little beauty around and feel very blessed to have received this gift. Thank you”.


“Winning was the most random and exciting thing to have happened to us” said the 2014 winner, Mandy de Villiers. She walked away with a Kia Picanto and had her 3 children with her at the awards ceremony. Mandy was sadly widowed the year before so winning this competition gave her hope that good things could still happen. It was a massive boost for her financially after the recent events her family endured. “Thank you to Mopani for this wonderful gift”


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