Sappi Mankele MTB Challenge



Hi guys
Great to have some feedback on some past races.
This past weekend we tackled the tough 65km mtb race –the Sappi Mankele mtb
We had riders from all over,and such a blessed weekend with over 900 cyclists.
We all started with our xc climb up to Mikon farms,which were opening up the lungs quickly and ensuring you brought some strong legs!
Only 5 riders broke away from the field,the start was fast and furious like always to see whos who in the mix…
I just about hang on,a little bit on the back of the small group that broke away… but managed around 20km to find my legs eventually. We rode in the beautiful Sappi forest,with fast single track and the best bush tunnels one could ever imagine riding. Very Nicely prepped for our riders. The pace was high,but I know that the moves would be made soon after bush tunnels and the single track. Our group of 5 riders stayed together for a while…
But then Brand du Plessis and Jp Jung broke away from group and left us 3 riders chasing hard again.
I managed to hold on to 3rd overall and around 4min of pace of Brand and 2min behind JP. My time was 2h40 and avg speed of 23.5km/h.
All in all,a lovely race to do. My 1st Sappi Mankele mtb race,and surely one to stay on the calender and not to be missed!
See attached results,photos.
Huge thx to all of you making this possible!
Warmest Regards
Hennie Kriek
Mankele Mountainbike Team Driven by Volkswagen
Mopani pharmacy athlete fuelled by Powerbar
082 221 1467

10516805_945539775480281_765521790774260990_n Find the results of the day here: Sappi-Mankele 2015 Results 2


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