Responsible Pharmacist – Adelle @ I’Langa


With Adelle Reynolds at the helm of the I’langa Mall store, your visit to Mopani will guarantee you leaving with a smile. “I’m pretty sure I love people more than I love medicine really,” she chuckles. “Before joining Mopani, I was involved with an NGO which really formed a big part of this love affair, because it was there that I saw the need most people have for just a little compassion, and even just a brief moment of acknowledgement. The gratitude we receive from our clients, purely because they feel cared for, is what makes the long hours and the weekends worth every second.”

She explains that her role at the pharmacy is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and accurately. “We are working with the lives of people here. If we offer them the wrong advice or dispense the wrong medication, it could very well be fatal.” Part of her job description is to offer training to the interns and the staff in the dispensary on issues ranging from the latest techniques and treatments to information on generic medicine and new products hitting the shelves. Mopani has always been for the community and despite the relative size and growth we have experienced over the last few years, I still feel as though we have not lost that personal touch we were always renowned for. I have found my home here, and it is my goal to make each and every one who walks through these doors, feel exactly the same.”


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