Responsible Pharmacist – Charl @ Crossing


“Despite all the hype and medical advancements in our field, we will never completely lose sight of our ultimate goal which is complete commitment to you, our community,” said resident RP, Charl Webber. “Robots and online advancements in the dispensary can never replace the warmth of human interaction. Nor will we, at Mopani, allow that because we care about our patients and in most cases have walked their road alongside them for many years. Nothing means more to a patient than that simple greeting as they walk through those doors knowing that their medication is ready for collection on time, and that the pharmacist is fully aware of his medical history. It is a comforting thought not only for our patients and customers, but also for us, as pharmacists and staff, as it helps us to stay at the top of our game in the knowledge that we can help you.” Charl, like his colleagues, is driven by only one goal – to help his community. In an interview with Charl it soon becomes apparent that not only is he at the helm of this impressive store, but he oozes passion for the industry and his chosen field of expertise.

“As a responsible pharmacist, I believe that it is my duty to ensure that all of us here at Mopani are comfortable and happy in our working environment. The way to ensure this is through continuous training, refresher courses and product knowledge updates. We listen to our patients and our staff and take their advice on possible improvements to our service very seriously. In fact, we encourage regular feedback.

At Mopani, we fight for the best for you, and we see it as our duty to advise you on the best way forward for your health.”


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