Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free Banana Bread (Variation) with Chia Seed and Whey Protein Recipe


Gluten-Free Banana Bread (Variation) with Chia Seed and Whey Protein: Perhaps the best gluten-free banana bread ever, and the closest thing to “real” banana bread possible – flavor, texture, and overall appeal.

This is a VARIATION to the Banana Bread recipe that appears on Page 176 in our Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free Gourmet Desserts book, that although a bit more complex than the original recipe, delivers a gluten-free banana bread that is without equal! We use the latest and greatest gluten-free baking techniques and ingredients to achieve results that could only otherwise be obtained using wheat or gluten-containing ingredients. I am rather sure most anyone would find this banana bread indistinguishable from its wheat-containing counterpart.

The banana cake retains the delicious flavor of the original, while making the texture and consistency even more like the “real thing”. In addition, this recipe variation brings with it some rather healthful additions and alterations that lower the overall glycemic index, increase fiber, and increase protein, all while creating an unbeatable banana bread. Chia Seed and Isolated Whey Protein come together with other excellent gluten-free diet ingredients like ground flax seed, inulin, and buckwheat.

This recipe makes use of our Gluten-Free Chia Slurry Recipe featured here on our Gluten-Free Recipes Library. The chia-slurry introduces wonderful texture enhancement and binding properties, as does the whey protein. The Chia Seed brings healthful Omega-3 fats into the equation, and the recipe (in general) is now tailored to be a bit more low-calorie, diabetes / diabetic-friendly, lower glycemic-index than the original, with added fiber, vitamins, and overall nutritional improvements. In addition, the isolated whey-protein is the only remaining dairy-derivative and should result in a casein-free bread as well.



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